My art is about what I feel about what I see. Working in acrylic paint, pencil, and found papers, I create my figurative/abstract collage paintings through an intuitive process of layering, step by step, piece by piece, my work leads me. I respond like a dancer. I have learned to improvise and trust with no expectations. While creating a work, I'll see something that triggers an emotional response inside me and then the art starts to form. I love colour as poets love words.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity about the world and desire to express my vision of how I see it and what it all means, I see connections in the push-and-pull juxtapositions of shapes, textures, colour, scale and space. I've been a practicing architect for 35 years, which helps direct my work, from the way I see to the underlying  structure beneath every composition. To view a painting is to experience the idea of space. I write a Haiku to accompany every piece. Like visual poems each work is a story that reveals itself over time.

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